4 Design Trends That are Taking Over Summer

Summer is a great time to shake up your house’s interior design. And if you’re like a lot of people, you want something fresh; something to revitalize and breathe new life into your residence. But it can be hard to get started and the options may seem overwhelming. From simply buying some new furniture or decorations to completely redesigning a living room, there are thousands of ways to change an interior space. So to help you narrow down your options and get started, let’s take a look at four inspiring design trends taking over this summer.


Curves and Organic Shapes

Cast aside and largely neglected since the 60s, whimsical, curvy shapes are finally mounting a comeback this year. And they are rocking 2020 interior design in a big way. As curved and organic shapes continue to grow in popularity this summer, rounded furniture and rugs, as well as curved, wavy, and even snaking texture patterns have all come in vogue. Add some flair and touch of character to any space by ditching straight lines for organic, bending and flowing shapes.

Warm Tones (and Green!)

It should come as no surprise that warm tones are in for the summer. Soft pastel yellows, tans, pinks, and oranges perfectly compliment the season. Yet less predictably, green has become a popular color this season and is quickly cementing itself as a perfect choice for an adventurous homeowner looking to reinvigorate a space with a unique but tasteful color. Green works particularly well in living and bedrooms.

Quartz Countertops

An elegant blend of modern technology and artistic brilliance, the very concept of a quartz countertop is intriguing. In contrast with traditional countertops such as those made from marble or granite, quartz countertops are synthetic, and because of this, often quite affordable. But don’t be fooled by the lower price tag, not only are quartz countertops just as beautiful as their natural stone counterparts, they’re far more durable, stain-resistant, and difficult to scratch or chip. Attractive, high quality, and cost-conscious, it’s no wonder that quartz countertops continue to grow in popularity this summer.

Canopy Beds

Traditionally used to trap in heat and maintain privacy, today the canopy bed is beloved for its lavish design. Instantly evoking a sense of sophistication and importance, the canopy bed is a powerful design piece that needs to be matched in tone by its surroundings. However, for an ambitious bedroom interior designer, introducing a canopy bed is a great way to solidify a premium and luxurious atmosphere this summer.

Design trends are ever-changing, constantly updating with new ideas in aesthetics and technological advances. This summer the trend is clear. A marriage between modern technology and the nostalgic interior design choices of yesteryear. Minimalist and futuristic design choices languish while older, busier design choices such as curvy patterns reign supreme.

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