Cool, Calm, Classy: How to Decorate for the Holidays in Style

Hey stylish homeowner, let’s talk about holiday decorating. Now that you’re in your classy, timeless Southern California house, you’ll want to show off your home without going full Clark Griswold! Thankfully, there are tons of elegant ways to decorate for the holidays and still enjoy the cheer of the season – tastefully. Here are our best tips for high-class holiday style.



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Ditch the Kitsch
There’s no place for blow-up lawn Santas or mechanical reindeer in a classy California garden. Avoid any decorations that are too large, brightly colored, or cartoony. Instead, pick classic pieces or opt for vintage décor if you want to add a touch of fun.


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White Out
When it comes to Christmas lights, the most elegant option is all white. Colored lights can come in a range of hues from old and yellowed to electric blue. They usually take away from a home’s elegance rather than add to it. Instead, decorate with only white lights both inside and out. If you love a pop of color, use colored lights sparingly, instead of all over the house or Christmas tree.


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Go for Green
Rather than filling your home with Christmas trinkets, candies, and baubles, choose natural green decorations. Wreaths, boughs, and swags that are simply decorated can add not only a touch of class, but a natural and fragrant element to your home that enhances the whole experience. Simple succulents can make a subtle, yet interesting, twist on the classic wreath. Add in our California natives for a clean and current look.


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Simple Centerpieces
If you’re planning on entertaining – or even just want to spruce up your dining room table – choose simple over extravagant. Pick one centerpiece and set the table simply from there. A great idea is a large glass vase with colored ornaments inside. For an even simpler design, choose only gold or silver ornaments.



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Deck the Halls

Embrace the season and decorate your California home with simple, elegant styles that will make you and your family swoon. Don’t forget a few cozy touches (classic throws on the sofa, or deliciously scented candles) and the most important accessory: holiday cheer!

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