Home Decor Tips for Your Southern California Home

Whether you are looking to sell your house or need a change in scenery, there are many ways to go about decorating your house. If you’re on a budget or money is no object, there is a website out there that is destined to inspire your creative touch. Luckily for you, we can help you pick out which websites will help ignite that creative spark. Here are some home decor tips, and which websites can help you reimagine your Southern California home’s aesthetic.


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Go Simple with Domino

Golden State homes tend to have a reputation surrounding them as, “California Cool.” According to Domino, the approach to keeping that cool is to keep it simple. If you are redecorating, that doesn’t necessarily mean adding to the equation. It can also mean to take things away.


Go minimal. White walls are not just clean looking, but they add light to the room. Light is one of the most sought after characteristics that potential home buyers are looking for, and using white walls is a great way to achieve that desire.


Also, decorate with natural materials. Spruce up your area with bold, but neutral colors like different shades of nude or wood. Try to go with contrasting hues that pop.


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Bohemian Meets Wild West with My Domaine

In the words of My Domaine, California, has a “boho-luxe aesthetic.” One way many Californians are capturing this unique vibe is by tipping their hats to the Wild West with worn leather.


Worn brown leather furniture gives the nod to the desert that’s not so far away. However, the beaten look also has that vintage vibe that laid-back Californians love.


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Bring Zen to the Bathroom by San Diego Home/Garden

If you’re thinking of redecorating your house, the bathroom is a fun place to start. We spend a lot of time in there getting ready, maybe even indulging in a bath or two. It’s a small space that it’s great for the budget-conscious looking for a change.


An article in San Diego Home/Garden suggests that Asian-inspired bathrooms are all the rage in 2019. They transform a plain Jane bathroom into a nirvana, complete with mahogany closets, a floor made to look charred wood, and a soaking tub.


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