How To Get Your House Ready For Home Buying Season

Most of the country has already survived a polar vortex and are looking ahead to the warmer months. As the temperatures rise, so do the interests of potential homebuyers. The months of April through August are the peak for the housing market. With stiff competition around the corner (literally), you might want to start preparing to put your house up for sale. Here some ways to get your home ready…and why now might be the right time to sell.

Perform a Walk Through

We look at our homes with a bias. Each room holds a dear memory. You might still see your now-teenage daughter’s old room as the safe haven that once held your little one’s crib. In the meantime, you missed the water damage on the ceiling, the ripped screen in the window, and the doorknob hole in the wall.


Before you sell your house, it’s time to fix up the things you’ve been putting off. That’s because someone else is trying to see their future taking place in your old house. It’s harder for them to envision this future with chipped paint and broken light fixtures.

Get an Inspection

Once you’ve addressed the glaring issues, it’s time to bring in a professional. Get an inspection.


By getting an inspection, you are putting out fires before they begin. All the legalities that will hold up at closing can be snuffed out before a potential homebuyer even lays their eyes on your home.


Also, having your house inspected gives you a better idea as to what kind of profit you may be looking at when you do indeed sell your home. Going through the process can help you make a more informed decision about the next house you plan on buying for your own family.

Work on the Landscape

First impressions are a lasting one, especially when it comes to selling your house. Turning someone off at the curb will start the whole viewing off with a negative connotation. This impression may follow them through the rest of the process. Consequently, potential buyers may rule your home out before even giving the house a chance.


From the profile pic online to greeting them at the door in person, the outside of your house matters. No one wants to live in an ugly house. Neighbors don’t want ugly houses in their neighborhoods. Potential buyers don’t want to purchase an ugly house.


The landscape is the glue that ties together your exterior. So, guess what? If your landscape looks ugly…your house looks ugly.


Trim the shrubs. Cut the grass. Plant some flowers. Replace old light fixtures. Clean the gutters. Maintain the house as you plan on living there forever. The sooner you give up on the exterior, the sooner your buyers will give up on bidding.

Sell Now

If you’re ready, then sell now. Be the first in line before the field gets crowded. After all, the early bird gets the worm.


Just like you’re eager to sell, others may be eager to buy. They don’t want to enter long, drawn-out bidding wars. Instead, they’re looking for the like-minded people–those who are getting their houses ready before home buying season.


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