How To Market Your House And Sell!

Are you a homeowner looking to sell? How about an investor whose flipped their property and are ready to cash in on their investment? Whatever your reasons are, you all have the same intention–sell your house fast! To get people to buy your house, you’ve got to get them in the door. So, here are some marketing tips to help sell your property.


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Capture It All In One Pic

Whether you are starting a new listing or updating one for a house that hasn’t sold yet, make sure the profile pic is eye-catching. If no one is biting on your listing, switch that picture up. Add decorations. Plant flowers. Do something to jazz up the profile pic. First impressions are lasting ones in our fast-paced world. If no one is drawn into your listing by the first image they see, chances are they’re not clicking to read about it.


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Work on a Headline

After the picture, there’s one last chance you have to hook your bait. That’s the headline. Tie up the essence of your house with buzzy words like “Spacious Victorian” or “Cozy Ranch.” Try to capture what made you buy the house in the first place. Then romanticize it.


From there, sum up the house description with a narrative such as “Near the Heart of Downtown” or “On a Serene 1 Acre Land.”




Spacious Victorian Near the Heart of Downtown

Cozy Ranch On a Serene 1 Acre Land


You want to be concise with the headline. Use as little words as possibles. Say a lot with a little by getting to the point.


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Sell Your Neighborhood

A house is great and all, but potential homebuyers want to know about the area surrounding it as well. Point how close your property is to points of interest such as train stations, downtown, and schools.


Speaking of schools, be sure to point out if the school is recognized for academic excellence. Talk about local high school teams. Bring up annual town traditions. Anything you can do to make your neighborhood sound more desirable will make your house look irresistible.

Share It

Sharing is caring in the age of social media. The minute you make your profile, upload it to every social media platform. Those in your social circle probably live close to your property. Therefore, if they know someone interested in moving in the area, they’ll be happy to share it with a loved one. If your place was good enough for you to live in (or buy) and you’re their friend, then it’ll be good enough for another person they care about to live in too.


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