How to Stage Your House for Less Than $150

Ever walk into a home showroom and find yourself wanting to buy everything in sight? That’s because each room is set up with a purpose, designed to inspire those who view it. If you are trying to sell your house, each room is a showroom. You need to stage the house in a way that those who enter the space can envision their future there.


Now, you’ve got to spend a little to make a little. However, you’re trying to sell your home. We imagine you don’t want to go broke trying to get rid of your house. So, here is how to stage your house for success while spending $150 or less.

Ditch Your Furniture

One of the greatest desires of potential homebuyers is more space. While you can’t physically increase the space of your house for less than $150, you can create the illusion of it.


Keep as much open floor as you possibly can. Start removing your furniture. If you have nowhere to put the furniture, try getting a storage locker for a month or two.


A lot of homeowners looking to sell their house rent furniture for staging. Having furniture that hasn’t been previously loved like your family’s gives your house that showroom aesthetic. This gets the potential homebuyer out of the mindset that they are buying your property and more into a business transaction frame-of-mind.

Up the Lighting

Light is so important to potential homebuyers. Make sure you have all the curtains open during a showing. Also, have every light on in the room.


Prior to a showing, scope out the condition of the lights. Is there a bulb looking dim? Is it dusty on the ceiling fan? Does the lighting condition harsh?


One pro-trick to help soften the room up is to use pink bulbs. This will make everything seem warmer in the room and makes the area feel more inviting.

Spruce Up the Curb Appeal

They say not to judge a book by its cover, but most of us do. The same goes for those shopping for a home. If somebody pulls up to your house and doesn’t find the exterior appealing, they’re going to enter the interior with a negative opinion.


Make sure your lawn is well-manicured and that bushes and shrubs are maintained. Bring a little pop to the exterior by planting some flowers. If you don’t have room for a garden bed, perhaps get a few planters and place them along the entryway.


Take a look around. Are the gutters cleared? Does the fence need touch-up paint? Is one of your shutters dangling? You only get one chance to make a first impression. Make it count.

A Quart of Paint Per Room

Make sure every room looks freshly painted with neutral tones. Give each room a bit of individuality if you can. You want your potential homebuyers to think to themselves, “Wow, this would be a great guest room,” or, “our daughter would love this room.”


Don’t go overboard with paint. It may seem like a great deal to get the bigger tub for a bit more. However, you’ll just be left with extra paint to gift your future homebuyer. Start with a quart per room to save yourself some money.


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