Make The Most of Your Spring Holidays to Sell Your Home!

Spring is such an energetic and exciting time of year. This is especially true in the real estate world, where home selling and buying skyrockets as the weather warms up. If your house has been on the market for some time (or maybe you are just beginning to start the listing process) spring holidays can provide the perfect break to revamp up your home and get it sold! Read on to learn how to use the spring holidays to your best advantage.


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Spring Cleaning Fever!
There’s no better time to really spiff your house up than spring. Open the windows, clean behind appliances, get deep into the cracks and tiny spaces and really give your home a thorough scrub. Not only will a good spring clean make your home even more attractive to buyers through photos and open houses, but it can be a beautiful cleansing process for you as well. Clean with the intention of letting go and moving on. Put the intention into your clean that you are readying the house for its new owner.


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Get Dirty
The weather is warming up and that means it’s time to get in the garden. Curb appeal is a huge factor for buyers and you want to make sure that your home stands out. Well-thought out and cared-for plants and beautiful landscaping can make a house feel like a home. And that’s the feeling that turns hunters into buyers. With your time off for holidays, spend a little extra effort weeding, mowing, and placing spring flowers in the garden. Arrange welcoming flower pots near your home’s entrance. Make sure the driveway is clear of major faults and replace any burnt-out lighting or worn fixtures on the exterior of the home.


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Easter and Spring Break Decorating
The Easter holiday in spring can be a nostalgic time for some buyers. Memories of fresh flowers, family gatherings, and joyful Easter egg hunts can stimulate those happy feelings all over again and help make their experience more emotional. Use simple, yet cozy spring or Easter decorations (in moderation!) to instill that feeling of togetherness and remind buyers of the exciting new opportunities that spring provides.


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The Extra Mile
With spring break, Easter, Mother’s day, and even Memorial Day weekend, there are plenty of opportunities to host extra open houses. Time off from work allows people to make a little extra time to search for homes and make their move. Make sure to take some time off yourself, but capitalize on these holidays if you can to bring in more viewers to your home


Spring Selling Spirit

Use these tips to help embrace the spring holidays and sell your home. In some ways, selling a home is all about intention. Spring helps to liven us up after a stuffy winter and puts a pep in our step for everything we do. Take this energy into your home: brighten, lighten, and embrace new change and opportunities!


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