Things a Young Family Needs to Know Before Buying a New House in a New Neighborhood

Embarking on a new journey as a young family doesn’t come with a How-To guide. Although we wish it could, all of us just kind of learn as we go. While trial and error will work for the little things like how to jump a car or how to make an apple pie, other things should be a little more thought out. When you are thinking about moving into a neighborhood, you should learn to research the area. Find out about crime rates, schools, and attractions in the neighborhood. All of this info might seem overwhelming, but we’re to help. Here’s how to look into these issues when scoping out a new neighborhood.

Neighborhoodscout It

Before you get serious about any house, get to know the neighborhood around it. Your home is just a tiny blip in an overall environment. If shootings are going on outside or cars are being stolen, that will affect you. 


So, get the Carfax. Well, not really. But you could use Neighborhood Scout. This program will give you the 4-11 before you waste your time showing up for a viewing. You can see if the pricing is competitive, as well as crime rate statistics, and commuting info.

What’s also neat is that this program gives you unique stats on demographics. It tells you tidbits such as if there’s a happening LGBTQ area, if this a brownstone predominantly area, and if most people just walk/use the bus. All really random, yet all really handy things to know for those looking to find their niche. 

Drive By the Area at Night

If you are looking to move into a specific neighborhood and it’s within a reasonable distance from where you are now, go check it out. Drive through the area during the daytime and see if you like the vibe. 


Ask yourself questions about things that matter to your family’s comfort and happiness. Then drive around and see if the neighborhood fits those standards. Are kids in school or hanging out in the streets? Do you see public transportation? How close is the grocery store? 


Now, the real truth is night time. You want to feel safe in your house and in your neighborhood. Drive around the area a few times at dark. Notice how you feel. If you feel comfortable and don’t witness anything peculiar then go for it!

Look into Schools

You’re looking to start your future. A big part of that future is cultivating your child’s future. Find out how the school system is before moving.

A great way to do that is to check it out at type in the area’s zip code and all you need to know about the school system will pop up. This will include reviews about the school district from other teachers, parents, as well as students. 


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