5 Spring Prep Tips for Southern California Homeowners

Spring is on its way, and in Southern California that means it’s time to prep our homes for the next season!

Whether you are just settling into your new home or are planning a 2020 sale, spring is the perfect time to refresh your home. Here are our top tips for keeping your home happily maintained, clean, and comfortable for a Southern California spring.

  1. Check Off Lingering To-Dos
    Winter can be a tough time to get those little to-dos accomplished with the rush of the holidays. The lull between the hectic winter season and the active spring is the perfect time to check off those pesky to-do’s that need to be done. Check the roof, replace air vents, replace faucets, and tend to windows or sprinklers.
  2. Open the Windows
    Opening the windows and letting fresh air in is one of the most uplifting things you can do for your house this spring. This improves air quality inside and gives you a chance to clean up the windowsills and glass. If you suffer from allergies, do this early in the spring before the pollen levels get too high.
  3. Plan Your Upgrades for the Year
    The spring is one of the best times to do work or upgrades on your home. Decide what you want to accomplish this year and set a plan in motion for early spring.
  4. Brainstorm Curb Appeal
    We’re lucky in Southern California to have lovely lawns year-round, but there’s still something special about bright, fresh spring flowers and shrubs. Brainstorm your perfect spring garden, welcoming front door, and summer-loving deck now so that you have plenty of time to make your dreams a reality by spring.
  5. Prep to Sell
    If you’re planning to sell your home in spring, this is the time to get all the dirty work done. Deep clean, declutter, and invite new and fresh air into the home. Buyers are highly active in spring, so this is the time to put your home on the market!

Spring into Action
Now is the time to get your home ready for spring and summer. Start with a few easy spring-cleaning weekends or tackle the big projects head-on!

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