5 South Bay Restaurants You Must Try

One thing that definitely goes under the radar in South Bay is the restaurant scene. Food bloggers, celebrities chefs, and out-of-towners flock to West LA to get their Southern California foodie fix. Downtown Los Angeles has had a rebirth of culinary transcendence in recent years, but South Bay has the second largest population of Japanese-Americans, along with a high population of Koreans, Indians, and Latinos. This diversity has made way for a vibrant culinary landscape that the rest of Los Angeles, honestly, is missing out on.

One thing that is for certain, South Bay’s restaurant scene will never be low-brow and here are five restaurants to prove it:


Al Noor

Probably some of the best Indian and Pakistani in all of LA! Al Noor has been raved about by food experts such as Jonathan Gold and Eric Greenspan. Greenspan has been raving about their garlic naan on Food Network for years. Reviewers and Yelpers have also gone crazy over this place.



There is nothing quite like the perfect breakfast burrito to get your day started. This Redondo Beach eatery is the perfect hangover remedy. Grab a burrito and walk a few blocks to the beach and enjoy your breakfast with a view.


Little Sister

This is a long time favorite of Manhattan Beach. The ambiance alone is a reason to come, let alone the food. The fusion dishes are not forceful, but rather skillfully pulled from Asian flavors all across the continent.


Painter’s Tape

In a town that is already so saturated with Japanese and Korean food, Painter’s Tape brings a new electric flare to Gardena. Perfect for breakfast and lunch, this clean and modern restaurant has an interesting and unique concept. This place is great for groups of friends and it’s best to share to maximize the opportunity to try different things.


Barans 2239

This gem is a hole in the wall in the most unassuming place, a strip mall. Don’t let that deter you from eating here though. The food is a grown-up take on Californian cuisine, mixing Mexican and Asian influences. According to Yelp, a favorite amongst reviewers is the Indian egg.

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