5 Trends for Luxury Home Kitchens


Kitchen Islands

Islands have long been a staple in all different styles of kitchens, but in 2018 you’ll see islands used in different ways than before. Kitchens are increasingly becoming a gathering space and one island is not enough for many homes these days. Kitchens are featuring double or even triple islands. The additional islands have a variety of uses, including preparation, serving, and even in place of a traditional kitchen table.

Authentic Wood Looks

Wood flooring in the kitchen never goes out of style, but this year authentic edge woods are all the rage for countertops as well. These countertops add an elegant, yet rustic accent that feels warm and comfortable. A wood slab brings the outdoors into your kitchen and reclaimed woods tell a story and adds history to your home.

Larger Windows and Fewer Cabinets

In 2018, if you have to choose between more storage space and more natural light, choose more natural light and install larger windows! Natural lighting can add warmth and comfort to the kitchen, not to mention increased visibility. Natural light is great and the larger windows create a bigger space with more style.

The Fitted Kitchen

Another way of creating space in kitchens that has become popular is the fitted concealed kitchen trend. Walk into the kitchen and see no appliances, they’re neatly hidden away behind custom fitted cabinets and metallic screens. The walls and space under the island feature retractable metallic hooks that are there when you need them and hidden when you do not. All these accents create a chic, modern, spacious feeling where all your needs are taken care of.

Open Shelving

Sometimes people think of the open shelving concept as cluttered, but when done correctly this concept actually makes organization much easier. With open shelving, it is easier to come up with a system because everything is in plain view. This allows you to find items quickly and group items together easily. Not only that but it adds to the open, spacious style that is so popular right now. Make sure to leave space between objects, and have fun with an accent color on the wall behind the open shelves for a curated look that is all your own.

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