6 Home Staging Mistakes that Turn Off Potential Buyers


Home staging can be a tricky task. You want your buyers to visualize their new life in your happy home. You need to make this visualization possible by depersonalizing your home while also being careful not to depersonalize it so much so that it looks like a generic, model house. If you stage your home right, you’ll win over buyers, but do it poorly and you’ll alienate them.  Here are some simple mistakes that can turn off your potential buyers.

Forgo the cleaning

Before you open your home to guests, make sure all dust, cobwebs, and soap scum is scrubbed and cleared. One thing is your own dirt, but nothing will turn off buyers like someone else’s.

Forgetting to de-clutter

Nothing can be more stressful and unrelaxing than clutter. Your magnet filled fridge and stack of unpaid bills is distracting. You want your buyers to feel relaxed and calm in your bright, clean home.

Painting everything beige

It is important to keep your wall’s color scheme neutral, but not brown and boring. Choose a color that is simple and that compliments the decor well.

Overlooking minor repairs

Small holes in the wall and rusty faucets are easy fixes. Make sure to take care of all small repairs and upgrades before you begin showing your home. The last thing you want on your buyer’s mind is a to-do list.

Ignoring odd smells

Smoke and pet odors are some of the biggest turns off that can be hard to get rid of, but always make sure your home is aired out before buyers view it. Do your best to banish the smells, but don’t try to cover it with odd aromas or heavy fragrances – you’ll just look like you’re trying to mask the odors.

Overstuffing the closets

When cleaning up and decluttering the house, we often turn to stuffing everything into our closets. Remember, buyers are looking at storage space and will likely look through your closets. Crammed closet space is unattractive and makes storage space appear smaller. If you’re planning to move, it is time to start sorting through your things.


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