Home Decor Trends to Look Out For in 2018


Millennial pink has dominated color schemes for the past couple of years, but now a new color is taking its place – lavender. Looking for a new style for your home? Try some of these home decor trends that will dominate in 2018



Don’t worry millennial pink isn’t going anywhere – but for those who are looking for a new color, lavender is their best choice. These colors are similar in that they help bring out soft tones with accents that are deeper.


High Contrast Palettes

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Having trouble picking out a bold color? Try pairing it with less intense color like white to mellow it out. Saturated colors with a white contrast is going to be big in 2018.


Tone on Tone

A unique and interesting look that has been around, but is expected to take off in the new year is tone on tone. Make sure its a color you really like or it may be a bit overwhelming. If purple is not your color, try and more subtle tone.  


Moody Palettes

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It’s ok to go for moodier color palettes, black walls are actually going to be big in 2018. While black walls may be a hard concept for some people to grasp, with the right accents it can really make a room pop.


Olive Green

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For those who are uncertain about these new 2018 trends, here is a more traditional color palette that actually pulls inspiration from the 1970s.


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