Home Remodeling Trends for 2018


From putting together your brand new house to giving your home a facelift, we have compiled a list of remodeling trends that are beginning to take over homes this year.



It doesn’t matter if it’s one-of-a-kind as long as the add-ons you are making to your home are creative. Think of anything that adds a pop to a room. A pop of color or interesting decor that can easily attract the eye are things every room should have.



The use of metal in the bathroom, kitchen, and as accents to any room has become a top trending element around the house. Blending metals together is a good way to add texture and make a space visually interesting.

Smart Hub


It’s 2018 and homes are now becoming more and more like the smart homes we saw in shows and movies growing up. Having a tech control panel that connects your lights, television, thermostat, and alarms are convenient and a valued option for homeowners today. Look to add wireless tech that sets reminders for you and makes your life at home easier.



Heavily saturated and brightly colored hues might not be the trending wall colors of the year, but they are trending as standout accent pieces. These colors offer an unexpected energy on rooms and show off your personality. Look at adding rugs, pillows, and chairs as colorful accessories in your home.

The Bathtub


The stand-alone bathtub and showering space is what the modern bathroom is starting to look like. These new freestanding options take up less space and become a sculptural statement in any bathroom.

Open Kitchens


One trend that is starting to knock down walls in a home is the open kitchen. The modern kitchen is used as a connection between the eating area and living space. The openness takes away the feeling of isolation from the cook and the family.

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